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Our company


Informus AB and Informus Mötesplats AB

Informus AB was founded in 1995 by five private individuals and in April 1996 the first version of the meeting branch's search system was launched at
In 2001 the operational side of the service was moved to the fully-owned affiliated company Informus Mötesplats AB. The parent company is involved with technology and database development.
The company is based in Knivsta, south of Uppsala. All partners participate actively within the company in different capacities.

The company's business idea is to:

  develop and supply an Internet service providing information on products and services available within the meetings branch.
  work to achieve direct contact between branch customers and suppliers.
  act as a means of assistance for planning meetings and simplify communications between purchasers and suppliers.

Reference Group

Informus has a reference group comprising representatives from service users, advertisers and branch organisations. The task of the reference group is to act in a consultative role for the company's product development.
Anne Carlstedt Business Manager, Konferenspoolen Stockholm.
Anne-Marie Runsten MD-assistant, Newsec.
Birgitta Bernström Responsible for conference, Fortbildning AB.
Carin Olson MD, Konferens Spårvagnshallarna.
Clemens Wantschura Organisation and IT Manager, SHR.
Ewa Schenström Travel Manager, KPMG.
Jane Mazanti Nyberg Project leader, City Conference Centre
Lennart Isaksson Konferenscoordinator, DMC Mid-Sweden.
Robert Säll MD, Hällsnäs Affärsklubb, Mölnlycke.