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Advertising via our service

Every day 700 users browse through the information provided by our advertisers.
Travel Manager, KPMG
-I prefer to make my own bookings. Informus puts me in direct contact with the locations that meet my needs.

Advertise on the customer's home ground

We were first and we're the biggest. The Informus service for meeting planners offers information on more than 5,000 companies within the meetings branch. Of these, over 600 display a detailed presentation of their facilities and products.
As an advertiser, your advertisement contains all the facts you wish to convey. Your advertisement is displayed each time your product meets the requirements of a search: complete with telephone number, e-mail and anything else you want.
No middlemen, no commissions. One single booking is often all it takes for your participation to turn a profit.

Here's why you should advertise with


The Informus service was founded in 1996 and was the first company on the market offering a search system within the meetings branch. Today we are the biggest company in our field with information on over 5,000 advertisers.

700 users daily

Every day 700 users browse through and plan their conferences, activities or banquets/parties. As an advertiser you regularly receive statistics on this interaction.

Effective selection

The customer doesn't need to navigate through countless links but is given help in sifting through the available information. When your product meets the customer's requirements it is displayed as a suitable alternative. Other products are not displayed.

Active marketing

We advertise regularly in daily and trade publications and can always be found at important branch exhibitions. Informus advertisers are also visible via our partners, for example, GP and Dagens Sekreterare.

Forget the middleman

The customer decides who to contact. The deal is made directly between you and the customer - you don't pay us any commission.

Making changes is easy

The simple use of a password allows you to submit your presentation via the Internet and make changes whenever you want. You can also add information on availability.

Satisfied customers

More than 90% of our customers remain faithful to us year after year. We regard this as definate proof that our service, our personnel and our efforts all provide customer satisfaction.

Our rates

Products covering

 Conference Own conference and meeting locations with basic equipment in the form of notepads, OH, etc.
 Activities Activities that can be booked independently. The product must include personnel for carrying out these activities.
 Party facilities Premises available must be suitable for banquets, parties, events, and so on. With or without meal service.
 Accommodation Overnight accommodations must be available on your own premises.
 Package deals For those of you who offer package trips/tours with overnight accommodations, mainly for private individuals.


 Standard presentation € 600/year
Factual information, text, logotype and 8 pictures included
Do you belong to an organisation with more than 10 members? Contact us for contract rates.

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The easiest way to place your order is to call +46(0)18-34 62 00.
You can also fill in an order form and fax it to +46(0)18-34 61 82.
Please also refer to our terms of contract for advertising.

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