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Hot tips

"Hot Tips" is an exclusive advertising space on Informus's first page available to those who advertise in our service.
Advertising under "Hot tips" highlights your name and trademark to everyone who utilises Informus. In 2007 as many as 160,000 users viewed the page and the majority of them were looking for information about companies within the meetings- and hotel branch.

Rates and conditions

Advertising for one complete month costs 220,-- € excluding VAT.
To keep the tips varied, advertising for two consecutive months is not possible. Of course, after a one-month pause, you are most welcome to advertise again!
An advertising spot can be booked for a rolling 6-month's duration. For example, "Hot tips" can be booked in February for the months of March to August (rolling every other month).
Any contacts gained via the advertising are debited as normal.
There are 6 advertising spots available each month and these are presented in random order each time the page is re-displayed.
For more information about advertising under "Hot tips" contact us at You can also call +46(0)18-34 62 00.