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Terms of contract

Listed below is a short summary of the most important points:
  Your contract partner is Informus Mötesplats AB, referred to below as IMAB.
  IMAB is responsible for operational services, subject to conditions outwith the control of IMAB, and periods of service.
  You are responsible for providing up-to-date and accurate information, as well as ensuring IMAB has the authority to publish any pictures, etc., provided.
  IMAB's responsibility and any liability for compensation is limited to a maximum of the amount paid by you for the advertisement.
 Unless otherwise agreed, the advertisement and contract covers a period of 12 months from the date the order was placed.
 All amounts are exclusive of VAT and other taxes and are invoiced in advance with a 20 days condition of payment.
For more information about the Informus terms of contract e-mail You can also call +46(0)18-34 62 00.